How to create a website. 4 best ways

  1. Option 1. Constructor
  2. Option 2. CMS
  3. Option 3. Freelance
  4. Option 4. Company

The main advantage that the site gives you is a significant increase in the number of orders or purchases, and, as a result, an increase in your profits

The main advantage that the site gives you is a significant increase in the number of orders or purchases, and, as a result, an increase in your profits. It should be understood that it is absolutely unimportant where your company works: online or offline. A quality website will do equally well in both cases. We will tell you how to create such a site.

“I want to create a website!” - you can say. But do you know how to fulfill this desire? Consider the most popular options, their advantages and disadvantages.

Option 1. Constructor

The most affordable option, both in financial terms and in terms of opportunities, is to use website builder.

A constructor is a service (website) on which you can create your own website from ready-made “blocks” without having any knowledge of programming and design. Consider a simple example.

The Fastsite constructor allows you to register a domain name in the ru zone and launch the first version of the site in just 1 minute. When registering, you can choose the type of site (design theme and structure) that you need: company website, media, online store. On the basis of the first template, other information sites can be created, including business cards and landing pages.

By the way, when using Fastsite, the registration of the site name and its hosting are completely free.

Then you will be taken to the admin panel, where by clicking a few buttons you can create the necessary sections yourself, fill them with content and arrange the main page.

The result of the work will be a full-fledged site with a modern design and adaptive layout, that is, it will be equally convenient to use them both on a computer and on a smartphone or tablet.

If you wish, you can even order an individual design and additional functional modules, if you don’t find the ones you need in the built-in library.

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Option 2. CMS

Using a CMS (content management system) is very similar to working with a designer. In this case, you will also have to deal with ready-made modules (themes, plug-ins that add the necessary functionality), but finding and installing them is more complicated. Not all modules are installed by pressing a couple of buttons. The same problem is connected with the registration of the domain and the launch of the site.

You will have to independently find a service where you can register a domain name, pay for registration, rent a server for hosting (with a monthly fee) and the most difficult thing is to install a CMS on it. Here you will need some knowledge or have to look for detailed instructions on the Internet.

Option 3. Freelance

The answer to the question “How to create a website” can be an appeal to a website where freelancers offer their services. If for some reason the above two options did not fit you (for example, if you are sure that you cannot create a project of the proper level), you can entrust the development of the site to a specialist.

However, not all freelancers can be called specialists, as many simply work in this way or are still gaining experience and filling their portfolios with low-cost orders. This is the main disadvantage of this option.

Trusting the creation of a freelance website is a risky business. Firstly, you can hardly find in his portfolio sites that are used by well-known companies. Secondly, the performer will most likely use the same constructors and CMS that you could choose yourself to create the site. And, thirdly, the quality of the finished site, especially if the project is rather complicated, may simply not suit you.

It turns out that the main advantage of working with freelancing at the same time can be the main disadvantage - the relatively low cost, unfortunately, is sometimes proportional to the quality of the final work.

Option 4. Company

And the last option about which we will tell is the order to create a site in a profile company. In some cases, this option is the only correct solution.

Creating a commercial official website of the company, emphasizing its experience, developing an online store, launching a major media outlet or an Internet portal, such complex projects can be adequately realized only by true professionals with an appropriate level of knowledge.

For example, such professionals are employees of Cetera. The company has been developing websites for 15 years and provides services for the development, maintenance and promotion of Internet projects.

More than 100 customers have already taken advantage of the company's services, including world-class companies: Gazprom Neft, Schwarzkopf & Henkel and other representatives of various industries.

The development methodologies allow Cetera to significantly reduce the time of creation without compromising the quality of the finished site.

Learn about the development methods of Cetera

Now you have a fairly accurate idea of ​​how to create a website, and you can make the right choice in each particular case.

But do you know how to fulfill this desire?