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I do not know, remember (know?) whether the current generation of this miniature of the unforgettable Arkady Raikin ... and for some reason I always remember it when it comes to Avast antivirus)) exclusively associative audio connection - but it doesn’t disappear from my head, unlike other recommended free, but high-quality protection.

Well, I heard a lot of positive feedback from people whose opinion I trust in this matter, and established it. So what? only a slice of the C drive drove away - and already a lot of everything was relieved and removed the infected. Umnichka my darling ... protector! )))

if you want to follow my example, here's to you download link avast

honestly notify: yes, it is referral, that is, if any of you pass through it, install, register (to use the year / with subsequent renewal / rather than 20 days) and start using, for that there will be a small bonus to my antivirus ( when there are 7 such bonuses - it will come to me as a year in the form of a free annual improved version).

however, with or without bonuses, but I still recommend it to you :)

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I know Avast. I remember about Avas, how to forget Raikin! Pro treatment is very pleased. And I also want to tell you that you can live without Avast and without treatment. Enough to throw nafik Windows and go to the Macintosh. I did it in 2005 and have no regrets. Now I’m not working for a computer, but he’s for me. By the way, Mac prices are already quite comparable with Windows, once upon a time they were much higher. All serious professionals work on Mac. A completely different world, design, paint, just lovely. And the program is all what your heart desires.

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