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How to make screenshots from the screen. What key to take a screenshot. What can Screenshot

  1. How to make screenshots from the screen. What key to take a screenshot. What can Screenshot One...
  2. The program for creating screenshots "Scissors" for computers with Windows 7, 8 and Vista
  3. What is a screenshot, where is the Print Screen button on the keyboard and how to use the clipboard?
  4. Where do you or your parents report violations?
  5. Other screen capture software
  6. Lock screen capture
  7. Login screen capture
  8. Take a screenshot using the PrintScreen key.
  9. How to check the correctness of the screen capture keys
  10. How to perform a screenshot on keyboards with a different setting
  11. Use the plugin in your browser.
  12. Respect text quality when making screenshots.
  13. Take a screenshot with the built-in Scissors tool.
  14. Lightshot - handy screenshot program to make "Print Screen"
  15. Take a screen shot using Clip2Net.

How to make screenshots from the screen. What key to take a screenshot. What can Screenshot

One of the most simple ways Take a screenshot of the screen is to use the PrtSc button ( Print Screen ), located in the top row of the keyboard on the right side. A screenshot of the information displayed on the monitor should be made as follows:

1. Press the PrtSc key once, in the process of which no peculiar sounds and clicks are observed, but the screen photo is fixed in the computer's memory.

There are several viruses that can make a computer "sick." It will be sent with an email and destroy your computer. Some may move without warning. Open only emails from friends and acquaintances. To prevent a pathogen from infecting a computer, programs have been developed that protect the computer.

Thus, called unpleasant programs that secretly hide a virus on your computer. According to legend, the Greeks conquered the city of Troy with cunning. They hid in a wooden horse, which they gave to the Trojans. The horse was brought to the city, at night the Greeks came out of their shelter and conquered Troy. To make sure that you do not run as trojans, use antivirus program for your computer. It searches for your computer for such programs and prevents "conquest".

2. Open one of the programs working with images (Paint, Photoshop or Microsoft Word).

3 Paint program included in the number of standard Windows products and is on every computer. To open it, you need to select the "All Programs" tab in the "Start" menu and go to the "Standard" section. After opening the program in the top panel, select the "Insert" command in the "Edit" section. The photographed image is displayed on the screen.

Chat means translate. Internet users are in one or more rooms. Therefore, chat is an entertainment space. The conversation takes place through the keyboard. Various spaces are available for entertainment. Some of them require a minimum age. If we are talking to someone who is in front of us, we see a person and can quickly recognize a certain lie. For example, if someone says that he is 14 years old, but in fact it is an adult. On the Internet, we cannot recognize such cycles so quickly.

It makes it easier for people with evil intentions to come into contact with you in order to learn a lot from you, which they want to use for their goals and intentions. Therefore, it is important that you choose a pseudonym, the so-called “Pseudonym”, and do not provide your real name and other data from you. Also on the Internet, everyone should behave and remain respectable to others. There are chats that hired people to view the room and. that can be spelled out when you need help, for example, someone behaves disgustingly.

4. To insert a screenshot in Microsoft Word, you must enter the program, open the document, set the cursor to the place where you plan to display the picture and use the "Paste" function.

5. In order to use the screenshot repeatedly, you need to save it. To do this, in the “File” section of any program, select the “Save As” command, give the file a name, select a folder and confirm saving the document.

We use an easy way to take screenshots and record Movavi Screen Capture video

They can then block access to the room. Someone in the chat claims that you know where you live and requires your pocket money. You can take a screenshot on your computer so that you can save the recording of another person to your computer. You make a copy of the image or images, call the recording program on your computer and paste the copied file into it and save it. If you do not know how this happens, your parents will help you. If the synonyms do not know further, then look at the computer’s instruction manual, of course, in it.

If you need to take a screenshot of one open window , you need to press the Alt + PrtSc combination, then enter one of the proposed programs, insert a snapshot and save it.

Using Print keys Screen for fixing images on the screen is universal for all computers on which it is installed windows system .

You must inform your parents anyway, and then, of course, the police. Because there are specialists who can find out who will drive you out. During the conversation you made friends with someone. The man said that he is as old as you, has the same hobbies, and you have already had a lot of fun. At this point, you should doubt and appeal to a trustworthy person in your environment. Because you should expect someone to lie on the other side. There are adults who give themselves up as children in order to connect with children in order to do prohibited things with them.

The program for creating screenshots "Scissors" for computers with Windows 7, 8 and Vista

If installed on a computer or laptop operating system Windows 7, 8 or Vista, you can more convenient way make a screenshot of the screen or the selected fragment. This can be done with standard program Snipping Tool or "Scissors" as follows:

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What is a screenshot, where is the Print Screen button on the keyboard and how to use the clipboard?

Important: do not put yourself in danger - keep your data yourself! In a chat, someone is trying to ask you. But you were smart and did not provide your details. Now you will be cursed by chatter. Also in this situation, you must bring your traffic to your parents and secure traffic using “screen-shot”. If you do not know how to do this, let me help you. In the descriptions of computers it generally is. There are rules on the Internet that must be followed by everyone.

1. In the “Start” menu, go to the “All Programs” - “Standard” section and click on “Scissors”.

2. A window will appear in which in the Create tab you need to select the type of image: arbitrary shape, rectangle, window, or the entire screen.

3. Use the cursor to mark the area of ​​the snapshot, after which the selected fragment will be displayed in the program window.

Where do you or your parents report violations?

Download interesting material from the Internet

If you've seen something interesting on the net, you can download it sometimes, so download it. Then you get a copy of it. It is not always free. There are suppliers who sell the contract at the same time as the delivery of the copy. Make sure you read everything correctly, and you followed the rules. Ask your parents first, because sometimes the general business environment is difficult to understand. If you are offered music or movies from friends or acquaintances, check whether they are allowed for transmission. "For ignorance does not protect against punishment."

In the program, you can make the appropriate editing of the image and save it through the File - “Save As” command.

Other screen capture software

For continuous work with screenshots and the possibility of high-quality editing of captured images, functional programs are used, the most popular of which are:

Dear again, than too little. What is a screenshot. A screen shot is an image that we take on a computer screen at a specific time. For example, this is a screenshot of my desktop right now. Screenshots are useful, for example. When we play a game, and want to keep a particular image.

To create such a guide. You don't need to take a regular screen shot. special programs , just a keyboard. To capture the screen, you just need to press this key. You will see that, apparently, nothing happens. In this case, you can use the program that we talked about in the next section. When we have several windows open on a computer, we might be interested, instead of taking a screenshot of the entire screen, only the window in which we work.

1. Screenshot Maker - fast and convenient program to create screenshots, allowing you to take pictures of the entire screen, individual fragments, as well as use a variety of image editing tools. The program can be downloaded on the Internet and install it yourself.

2. Hot Key Screenshot is ideal for creating screenshots of fragments of computer games. With the help of pressing the specified in the program hot key You can quickly capture the necessary moments that are stored in special folder . The program does not require installation, and to work just download it.

You can see the difference in the following screenshots. Along with the famous Copy and Paste commands, one of the most repetitive things every day for many users when they are in front of your computer is to take a screen shot.

And for those who are looking for something more professional, there are many free tools that offer us many options when it comes to creating our screenshots on a PC. This is without a doubt one of the easiest and most widely used methods around the world when they want to take a screen shot. Subsequently, we can open any image editing program to insert a capture implemented and retouch any image or save it in hardware in the format we want.

There are many other ways to make a screenshot of the screen on a computer, but the ones described above are the easiest and most accessible for every PC user.

Often, computer users are faced with the need to take a snapshot of what they see on the computer monitor, in other words, to photograph the screen or part of it. Such a snapshot is called a screenshot (from the English word screenshot ).

We will automatically see how the simple interface of this tool is displayed on the desktop. From the “New” option we will be able to make a rectangular cut, which is an option marked by default, but also allows us to capture part of our screen, making the choice of free-form, window or full screen. With the help of any of the parameters, except for the full screen capture, we will be able to make a custom selection of the area of ​​the desktop that we want to capture or crop. In the case of clipping or capturing a window, we will only need to select the window that we want to capture, and automatically close the window.

A screenshot is a screen shot, that is, an image (photo) of what a person sees on the monitor screen.

Screenshot can be done standard means Windows and third-party programs , in this one step by step I will describe the most popular ways to take a screenshot.

1 Take a screenshot using the PrintScreen key;

2 Take a screenshot using the built-in Scissors tool;

Lock screen capture

However, we can use the “Postpone” function of the Trimming tool to take a screenshot of the lock screen. Suffice it to say that we want to postpone the screenshot for 5 seconds, more than enough time to lock the computer and the tool itself to capture when we are on the lock screen.

Login screen capture

We close the registry window, block the computer, click on the screen to go to the login and click on the “Accessibility” icon, we will see how the Cut-Out tool is launched, and we can already take a screenshot of the login screen. If this label is added to the space or, then we can capture some windows independently.

3 Take a screen shot using Clip2Net.

Take a screenshot using the PrintScreen key.

The most common way to take a screenshot is to use the " PrntScr " key on the keyboard.

By pressing this key, an image of the entire monitor screen is placed on the clipboard. In order to see the image, you must use an image editor, such as Paint. In order to launch Paint, press the " Start " button and write the word paint in the program search bar and press "Enter" (Or press "Start" - "All Programs" - "Standard" - "Paint".) .

How to check the correctness of the screen capture keys

Since each keyboard is different, especially the laptop keyboard, this article will be very useful. The letters of this key are usually white. But sometimes they are blue, everything goes up on laptops.

How to perform a screenshot on keyboards with a different setting

In this case, try the following key combination.

If not, try using an arbitrary combination of these keys. Depending on the computer or mobile device which we have to take a screenshot, we have several possibilities. Then you have to specify “File” and “Save As”, put the name and click “Save”.

Then you have to specify “File” and “Save As”, put the name and click “Save”

Paste the screenshot from the memory buffer in Paint by pressing the " Ctr" + "V " key combination or by the " Paste " button (in Windows7), " Edit-Paste " (in Windows XP).

If you need to take a screenshot of not the whole screen, but only one window, for this you need to make the window active (just click on it) and press the key combination " Alt" + "PrntScr "

It will be automatically saved on your desktop. Depending on the phone model, the screen is captured differently. Capture is automatically saved in the phone's photo gallery. We recommend clicking on the result and dragging it to where you have other programs. Go to the screen you want to cut off, and click on the program. It will open a window with several parameters, by default we will cut the rectangular shape, but by clicking the “New” triangle, we have options for free-form, window trimming and full screen.

Use the plugin in your browser.

When you cut, the image will be copied to the clipboard so that you can paste it wherever you want, and a window will open to edit and save it on your computer.

Respect text quality when making screenshots.

  • Print screen: copy the entire screen to the clipboard.
  • Screen "Print Screen": copy the selected window to the clipboard.
  • The central button is on: the entire screen is loaded into the Screenshots folder.
  • Home block: the image of the entire screen is loaded into the "Photos" folder.

This means that the text will lose some quality, as we see in the image above.

After that, paste from the clipboard into the editor, for example Paint (as described above).

Take a screenshot with the built-in Scissors tool.

Using scissors, you can capture an image on the screen or a fragment of it, and then add a note to it, save it, or share it with other users. It should be noted that the Scissors tool is available in the Windows7 Home Premium version or higher (i.e. if you have Windows home Basic or Starter you this tool will be unavailable).

Lightshot - handy screenshot program to make "Print Screen"

Every day we are surprised at the opportunities offered by technology. Millions of people, from the desktop, do their work with great efficiency. Maybe we found some software “Miracle” that allows us to work with higher quality, availability and less time. However, it is not surprising that new options appear on the market. This tool or accessory is called "Cuttings", or on English language You can find it as a "Tool for cutting." This is an accessory that allows us to create "screenshots".

In order to start the Scissors, you must click " Start " or press the key combination + and in the search bar enter Scissors and press "Enter".

In order to start the Scissors, you must click  Start  or press the key combination + and in the search bar enter Scissors and press Enter

The second way to start the application is to click "Start" - "All Programs" - "Standard" - "Scissors".

After launching the utility, the desktop will appear as if in a shroud and the utility interface appears.

Select the required area, then the selected area will be opened with the help of the same utility Scissors. In addition to simply saving the picture, the utility allows you to use the marker. To save, click Save or " File" - "Save As ".

Take a screen shot using Clip2Net.

There are many programs on the Internet which can be a screenshot, in this article I will consider one of such programs - Clip2Net. You can download it from the official website http://clip2net.com/ru/

Installation of the program is quite simple and comes down to a few keystrokes of the " Next " key. After installation, the Clip2Net icon will appear on the taskbar.

By clicking on this icon, the Clip2Net application will start, you just have to select the required area.

Then this area will open in Clip2Net where it can be changed using a marker and saved on a computer or in a network storage.

I hope this article has helped you to make a screenshot of the monitor screen without any problems.

Where do you or your parents report violations?
But what will you do now?
What is a screenshot, where is the Print Screen button on the keyboard and how to use the clipboard?
Where do you or your parents report violations?